MATH BOULDERING AND "MFAOE": Identify and manage your stress

Identify and manage your level of stress to influence your ability to restitute and mobilize your knowledge.

How to influence one’s ability to restore and mobilize knowledge by identifying and managing one’s stress level:

The MATH BOULDERING AND “MFAOE”, or SKILLHOP workshops are offered to young people (15-25 years old) in the context of programs to support their professional integration and return to professional training. Supporting them in overcoming limiting obstacles is one of the objectives of our programs.

One of the workshops offered in MATH BOULDERING AND “MFAOE”, aims at enabling participants to identify and manage their level of stress in order to facilitate the restitution and mobilization of existing skills. It is introduced once participants are familiar with the environment and safety aspects. We then deliberately create situations in which participants’ stress levels rise during the exercise.

The goals of this workshop are:

  • To understand the influence of the stress level on their ability to restitute acquired knowledge. This awareness is generally realized spontaneously by the participants through the alternation of situations generating different levels of stress.
  • To relate the experiences gained during the exercise to those of an exam, an evaluation or a professional interview.
  • Enable learners to identify physically and intellectually the “markers” of an increase in stress levels by allowing them to build their own “diagnostic toolbox”.
  • To acquire tools to modulate their stress level, as soon as it is identified, in order to have full capacity to restitute and mobilize their acquired skills.
  • Experiment with all these tools in the framework of the MATH BOULDERING AND “MFAOE” or “SKILLHOP” programs.
  • Imagine and share the projection of these applications during exams and evaluations or successful professional interviews.

In a subsequent workshop:

Share their feedback of applying these tools in professional exam or assessment situations with the group.






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