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GE-visIci program

For Non-French speaking and French speaking children and teenagers in Geneva


Who are we?

We are a Geneva-based non-profit association that creates and facilitates innovative learning experiences using sport as a medium to facilitate the acquisition of subjects traditionally taught indoors. We work for the pleasure of learning in movement, for the prevention of school dropouts, for the return to education and for the support of continuing education through physical activity and sport, if possible in a natural environment.


Discover our project partners

Sports “NatureSchools”


Have fun, climb, move, run, discover and learn!

Have a glimpse at your “NatureSchool” that Tchili Easy Learning has developed for you!


MATHs bouldering

To rediscover the fun of maths, we have designed and developed a series of didactic modalities that make the acquisition and reproduction of mathematics fun, enjoyable and super effective.

“B youR HERO”



Live the adventure, explore, learn differently while doing the sport you love!

Gain in autonomy and be the hero of your learning progress, these are some of the goals of our “B your Hero” program that we have designed for you!


“We offer a variety of courses and camps for children and youth who want to learn a foreign language or improve their mathematical skills while practicing outdoor sports!

Since this fall, we expanded our youth offers to include courses that teach basic maths (C.O. level max) while rock climbing to prevent school dropouts.

We are currently co-offering programmes designed to facilitate the return to initial training by taking advantage of the synergy resulting from successful inclusion measures and sport (climbing) for young adults.

GE-visIci is our program for 8-16 year old non French and French speaking children to facilitate the integration and learning of French to migrant children and teenagers through sports and discovery of sports activities

We are also currently developing several projects for people in need of special educational arrangements, as well as migrants and young seniors.”

Krys | Resp. de Formation


Starting in the summer of 2022, the activities available to children and teenagers are J+S approved

learning while exercising


Benefit from the winning cocktail of learning while doing sports to easily persevere in your training.

Back to Education through Sport

In order to facilitate the re-entry into training after an interruption, Tchili Easy Learning has developed specific modalities.

We accompany you through this transition phase by combining the benefits of sport with learning as a motivational support and a way to improve your learning abilities.

“Keep Moving, keep Learning”

Keep learning and persevere in your training path to reach the summits you have chosen!

Tchili Easy Learning creates training modalities that will support you in your continuing education journey!


Win-Win with sustainability

«As part of a sustainable, collaborative and win-win approach to development, we are currently developing partnerships with associations, organizations and institutions in the field of sports, school dropout prevention and professional integration as well as with private partners.

If you are interested in our projects, if you share our values or if you think that we could mutually benefit from a collaboration to achieve high impact projects»

Krys | Resp. de Formation


A few numbers





OF STUDENTS AT THE END OF 11TH GRADE do not obtain their end of school certificate, 2% REPEAT THE YEAR

Sources : Memento statistique de l’éducation à Genève, 2021


For 8-16 year olds French-speakers and non-French speakers in Geneva.

with your climbing buddies and in pairs:

Through the GE-visIci program, discover and practice sports activities with your partner. Much more than “just” sports, it is an opportunity to facilitate the integration and the learning of French for those who have just arrived in Geneva and do not yet speak French.

Weekly classes, learning activities and camps:

Our GE-visIci Team has designed an exceptional program. You will meet your partner during weekly climbing classes, during outings on the cliffs or on the snow, and also for the discovery and practice of other sports activities in clubs. All these activities will serve as a basis for the creation of shareable content in French.

Creation of content in French:

To keep in memory and share with your family and friends the great adventures you will live, and to give your partner another opportunity to become familiar with the different forms of expression in French, you will have a mission: Create together the contents you want to share! Don’t worry, you can get help from our GE-visIci team!

Intensive courses, outside the classroom:

Our GE-visIci team specializes in creating courses that take place outside the classroom, usually while practicing sports. To facilitate the rapid learning of French for your partner, we also have audio material specifically designed to prepare him/her to understand and express himself/herself during the activities.

For kids

Have fun! Learn! Move around!

Children are naturally curious about their environment. They learn all the faster when they have to find answers to questions they have to ask themselves through the context in which they evolve.

Sports “NatureSchools”

Our Kids-and-Teens team designs these unique “playgrounds for learning through sports”. It proposes innovative methods so that children learn easily without realizing the effort they put in and enjoy progressing in subjects that were difficult for them.

Training courses and camps for kids

Our Kids-and-Teens team organizes these Sports “NatureSchools” in the form of three-monthly lessons during the school year, isolated multi-day courses to take advantage of vacations and weekends, and day camps during the school vacations.

For teens

Hero iRL

You like to move, explore, push your limits and progress?

We offer you sports activities where you can also learn subjects that will help you in school and in real life.

Adventurers of learning

Our Kids-and-Teens team designs unique “learning through sport adventures”. We offer innovative methods to help you to learn easily, as if it was effortless, and encouraging you to discover the fun of making progress in subjects that seemed difficult to you.


The union makes the strength. Share and exchange with your friends to improve and learn while doing sports. Discover the challenges and games (IRL) through which you will also progress on subjects that you normally see sitting at school; except that here it is by living your sports adventure with your friends and by discovering lots of activities!

Training courses and camps for you

Our Kids-and-Teens team offers you the opportunity to experience our “B UR HERO” programs as a trimester training class during the school year, as a multi-day course, or as a day camp during the school vacations.

To (re)discover the pleasure of learning

learning in motion

Tchili Easy Learning designs and creates modalities that allow learning while moving. Its team is constantly innovating in order to offer targeted exercises to facilitate learning and diversify the forms of skill acquisition.

I love math

Our concept “MATHS BOULDERING” allows, in an individualized way and with several students, to acquire and solidify its skills in elementary math (level required at the end of the C.O) to facilitate the success of the EVA tests.

I like French

Our “CONTI” concept offers an individualized program that can be carried out in a group in an intense and fun way to acquire and consolidate the skills tested during the French EVA.

Foreign languages, that’s easy for me

Our “U CAN” concept offers tailor-made foreign language learning programs, in which intra-learner interactions reveal their full potential. Learning is fun and easy, with the aim of achieving autonomy.

to learn while exercising

Become physically active and learn

Since childhood, moving and learning have gone hand in hand. Movement, especially outdoors, keeps the brain oxygenated and improves circulation, which facilitates access to a state of alertness conducive to learning.

Mobilize yourself to learn

Learning, as we know, requires mobilizing one’s transversal competences, coming out of a possible phase of procrastination, activating one’s resources and becoming oneself the agent of one’s progress.

Move intellectually and physically

By moving physically, we also activate the “circuits” that allow us to learn more easily. We train our mind to integrate our environment and stimulate our ability to make decisions.

Using our reward systems

We have wonderful natural reward cocktails. Indeed, our body produces the perfect mixes to facilitate our learning, reduce our stress, develop a sense of well-being, …. and much more. These natural rewards are within our reach, to reach them, we need to get moving.

To reconnect with Education

Gaining confidence through sport

When you start a new educational program after a more or less voluntary interruption of your studies, you must (re)learn to trust yourself, others and your environment. Tchili Easy Learning accompanies you in this process both at the sports level and at the level of your learning.

Take an other way to learn in order to progress

You don’t want to learn only in a classroom and sit for hours and hours? Tchili Easy Learning offers you another approach: move, do sports and learn at the same time.  Discover how to become the actor of your own progress by using our concept to learn easily, with pleasure and by getting exercise.

Use your mistakes methodically to succeed

If you don’t try, there are no mistakes. No mistakes, no progress and no success. Those who succeed are those who know how to use their mistakes to improve. Tchili Easy Learning offers you a methodological way to progress, through your mistakes, in order to reach your sports and professional training goals.

to facilitate continuing education and training

Develop your skills by practicing a physical activity

Combine the useful with the enjoyable! There are so many subjects that can be learned while practicing a physical activity to both profit from the inherent benefits of the activity and facilitate learning.

Sport and physical activity as a support

Weaving the links between cross-curricular learning in connection with the practice of the activity and the subject matter learned. But not only! The Tchili Easy Learning team designs and develops didactic modalities that allow learning and progress in the chosen subject. Currently, we offer language courses (French, German and English) as well as math courses.

Learning in groups through sports

Learning through interaction with others. Social learning is a prerequisite for “Deep Learning”, so that the skills and knowledge acquired persist over time. Tchili Easy Learning’s solutions optimize this mode of learning by facilitating intra-participant exchanges and creating a strong group dynamic.

Who will you talk to


Our Tchili Easy Learning team consist of experienced professionals. They make learning through sports activities easy and efficient to children, teens and adults. Each member of the team who is directly involved with the participants, has qualifications in education and/or in adult training as well as at least one qualification in the field of sports. They also have various certifications in personal development, coaching and self-improvement techniques.

The project team has many years of experience in the realization of successful associative, academic and industry projects.

Your interactions in the context of the projects and the organization of the activities will be mainly with:





Vocational Integration Projects



Mountain Guide, J+S Coach and Expert


Training Programs Innovator






Psychologist in neuroscience and CBT



Financial Controller